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alizaSleepNot getting enough sleep, for an adult, can be horrible. It can make us cranky, irritated,  impatient and even dysfunctional.  As a parent, it is so important to be happy, patient and have lots of energy. Being tired all day is the absolute last thing a parent should be.

Sleep is also extremely important for children and babies. For them, the most intense period of release of the growth hormone is shortly after the beginning of deep sleep.  A lack of sleep can result in slowed or stunted growth. It can also effect their immune system, motor skill development and concentration during the day.

In short, when baby and parents aren’t getting enough sleep, for the sake of their own health, something must change. But how? It can be a daunting task to get your crying baby back to sleep in the middle of the night. And how do you teach your baby good sleeping habits that will last?

How often do we feel like a certain change would be so great, but we just don’t have the wherewithal to make it happen? We know that the change would make our lives better, and that we really could do it, there’s just something in the back of our minds saying “it’s too hard” or “it won’t work”, etc. How nice would it be if when we got into these types of situations there could be someone there to say – “I”ll help you through it. I’ll be with you throughout the whole process. I’ll make sure you make no mistakes.” Wouldn’t that just make life so much easier??

Well, guess what? That is what I’m saying to you.

I am that person that will explain to you exactly what you can do to teach your baby to learn to go to sleep happily, and stay asleep throughout the night. I will be there telling you what to do every step of the way, giving encouragement and making sure you’re on the right path. I will help you through it and take you safely to the other side, where sleep is welcome and plentiful.

So let me help you along to make the change your family desperately needs.

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I stumbled upon a post giving “8 Reasons to Avoid Sleep Training Your Baby”. I recomend reading it, but the basic points are that sleep training your baby is not fair to the baby, doesn’t actually work, is dangerous and can ruin the baby’s trust in and connection with her parents.

I found the post very compelling and truthful. She is absolutely right on all her points. However, only in regards to methods of sleep training where parents are told to let their baby “cry-it-out” or “self soothe”. It saddened me that there was no mention of any method of sleep coaching (or sleep training – as she calls it) that doesn’t create all of these issues.

When I decided to use a sleep consultant with my own children, and when I help other parents with sleep coaching, the issue driving me most is the child’s wellbeing, his connection with his parents, and the parents’ wellbeing. I help parents to naturally, gently and gradually teach their children good sleeping habits without EVER letting them cry or loose their trust in them. I give parents the tools to deal with any sleeping issues that may arise in the future, so that their child continues to have good sleep habits.

I hope that people reading the above mentioned post will not despair and feel as if their only alternative is to continue the bad sleep situation they are currently in, but find alternative and healthy ways to help their babies and themselves sleep better.