Q: How long does the process take? open

A: This is a gradual process in which your child is learning new habits. The time it can take is very dependent on the parents and changes from family to family. Change in sleep habits can usually be felt, however, within the first week or so. Reaching the ultimate goal of your child sleeping through the night can take about 2 months total.
Q: Can we start even if our child is sick/teething etc? open

A: Illnesses, teething and other things of the sort are part of everyday life. The skills we teach children work during harder periods as well, therefore there is no reason to delay starting because of something like this.
Q: What about the times my child sleeps at daycare/with a caregiver? open

A: If the daycare/caregiver are willing to cooperate, then great. However, this is not necessary. Children develop different behavior patterns when with their parents, therefore it is only necessary that the parents are consistent with the child, but not other people when putting the child to sleep.
Q: Do you come to our house? open

A: We meet at the beginning of the process and after that everything will be done using email and phone calls.