Is my baby getting enough sleep?


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This is a question that concerns many parents, whether they are new to the field or old-time players.
Sometimes it is hard to know whether your baby is actually getting enough sleep or not.
Here are a few pointers to help you assess your situation.

1. Here is a chart that shows, statistically how many hours of sleep babies and children of different ages need. Remember that every child is unique and these are only generalizations. But if your child is way off the charts it may signify that there is an issue that should be dealt with.

2. Another indicator is how cranky your child is during the day. If your baby is regularly cranky, and not just when she is sick or teething, it is possible that this is because she is over tired.

3. If your child is falling asleep whenever he stops moving, e.g. lying on the floor, in his high chair while eating, etc, he probably needs more sleep than he is getting.

4. Having trouble falling asleep at night, and/or at nap time can be a result of the lack of sleep. Many parents tend to think that the more tired out their children are, the faster and easier they’ll fall asleep. In fact, over tired children (and adults) have trouble falling asleep, and when they do sleep, it may be less restful. However, taking a long time to fall asleep can also be the result of many other things as well, so should only be used to indicate a lack of sleep when other issues have been ruled out.

As always, parents are usually the best judges of their children, and if you feel that your baby needs more sleep, she probably does. Getting her to sleep those extra hours isn’t always easy though. Especially if there are already other sleep issues.
One good pointer is just to try to be attentive to your baby, and not wait until she is over-tired to get here in bed. Once you start seeing signs of being ready for sleep, she should be in bed within 30 minutes.

I would be happy to help with any questions or concerns 🙂

Good luck!